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Best Istanbul Beaches
location, prices and what to expect

Istanbul beaches are yet another thing to do in this great urban city. Venues also offer great Istanbul nightlife with DJs and concerts.

Istanbul is naturally surrounded by 3 bodies of water - the Black Sea, the Sea of Marmara and the Bosphorus Strait.  There are beaches in Istanbul on every shore of the three waters.  

Istanbul is a great choice for short beach vacations.  Spend a day or a few hours relaxing at one of the locals’ top 7 choices below.    

Outside food and drink is not allowed on the beach premises. 

Swimming season for Istanbul beaches starts in May and lasts till September every year.

Check out Istanbul beaches map below.  Zoom in and out as needed.

Beaches of the Black Sea

Black Sea coast in Istanbul stretches on the north of the city. Beaches vary from sand to pebbles. This is the European side of Istanbul.

Top Istanbul beaches on the Black Sea coast

1. BURC beach

BURC beach is a popular youngsters getaway.  This beach belongs to the Bogazici University in Istanbul and offers discounts to its students and graduates.  

Sandy shore, lounge music, cafes and little shops make this beach a paradise place.

Take part in parties and concerts organized at this beach in the evenings.  

Have fun with sports - catamaran, kite boarding, wind surfing, beach volleyball and soccer.   

Location:  Kumkoy, Kilyos, Istanbul.  There are shuttle buses on Saturday and Sunday running from the Bogazici University.  The best way to get to BURC beach is by car.

Price: Weekend - 50 Turkish Liras.  Weekdays - 35 Turkish Liras.

Hours:  Open every day 9:00 - 21:30

2. Babylon Kilyos
(former Dalia Beach Club)

Babylon Kilyos beach is the most intimate of all Istanbul beaches.  The green trees and small mountains make up a perfect summer atmosphere.  

Faraway you can see ships lined up waiting to go through the Bosphorus Strait.  

This is a popular beach among families and youngsters. Both silent area and activities territory is available.  Come for beach fun with badminton, frisbee and volleyball. Bring your beloved pets (designated dog area present) and kids (0-6 enter for free).  This top popular beach in Istanbul was turned into an entertainment venue.  Enjoy!

The shore is a pure soft sand.  Green area is covered with soft green grass.  

Taste grilled fish, hamburgers or cheese sandwiches at a number of food stands of Babylon Kilyos beach.  Listen to live music or dance to a DJ in the evenings.  

Look through Babylon Kilyos entertainment program.

Location: Demircikoy, Kilyos, istanbul.  The best way to get to BURC beach is by car.  

Price:  Weekend - 60 Turkish Liras.  Weekdays - 40 Turkish Liras.

Hours:   Open every day 9:00 - 20:00

3. Uzunya Beach Club

Uzunya beach is where families regain their energy after a busy city life. Sandy shore attracts both children and adults.

Enjoy a taste of fish at Uzunya Beach Restaurant.  It is open all year around.

Rent a private space for your own tent, minivan or a car here.  There are specially designated lots for private parking.  Also watch motor-bikers race at this beach.  They love the Uzunya.

Location: Demircikoy, Sariyer, istanbul. 4 km (2.5 miles) away from Dalia Beach Club.  The best way to get to Uzunya beach is by car.  

Price:  Weekend - 40 Turkish Liras.  Weekdays - 30 Turkish Liras.

Hours:   Open every day 9:00 - 20:0

4. Solar Beach

Solar beach has been the best party on the water place since 2002.  This is the largest beach of all Istanbul beaches.  Decks capacity can host up to 2000 people.

The most musical beach in town!  Have a blast at festivals and concerts organized here with famous artists.

Stretch your muscles here by rock climbing, playing soccer and volleyball, windsurfing, skateboarding and lots more.  Enjoy the pure soft sandy shores of Solar Beach.

Location: Kumkoy, Kilyos, istanbul.  Shuttle buses on the weekends run at 9:00, 10:00 and 11:00 from Besiktas ferry terminal.  Route is - Zincirlikuyu Shell gas station, front of Ziraat Bank in yeni Levent and Haciosman metro stop.  

Shuttle buses on the weekday run at 9:30 from front of Ziraat Bank in yeni Levent and Haciosman metro stop.

Price:  Weekend - 45 Turkish Liras.  Weekdays - 25 Turkish Liras.  Shuttle’s fee 15 Turkish Liras.

Hours: Open every day 8:00 - 23:00

Istanbul beaches on the Sea of Marmama

Most popular beaches in the sea of Marmara are located at the Big Island (Buyukada in Turkish), largest of the 9 total Princes’ Islands in Istanbul.  

Princes’ Islands are the most peaceful area in Istanbul.  Go a short ferry-ride away from the city to enjoy the paradise.     

Food to the island is brought from Istanbul by a ship.  Expect high prices in cafes and restaurants.  Be cautious of the food’s quality.

Beaches on the Big Island have a touristy advantage as you may include touring the island in your beach-day in Istanbul plan.  Both tour the Big Island and check out the Marmara Sea waters.

Check out the most popular beaches on the Princes' Islands below.

(!) The beaches on the Black Sea are a better choice if you want to do water sports.

How to get: To enjoy Istanbul beaches on the "Big Island" take a sea bus, a ferry, sea motorcycle or a sea taxi to Buyukada (Adalar).  Find them at Eminonu, Kabatas, Sirkeci (European side) or Bostanci, Kadikoy, Kartal, Maltepe, Tuzla (Asian side).

Note: male (yes, male!) visitors must be accompanied by a female or family to enter a beach.

5. NakiBey beach

Nakibey beach has been treating its guests since 1984.  The water designated for swimming is safe and shallow.  There is a doctor available at the beach in case of emergency.  Sand in the water is very welcoming and clean.  Try NakiBey’s fries and mini burgers.

Get your suntan on a deck or rest in a cosy bungalow.  Bungalows have airconditioner, hot water, TV.

Location: Buyukada, Istanbul.  Take a free boat on the right of the ferry terminal.  Or take a 12-minute walk.    
Price: Weekend - 30 Turkish Liras.  Weekdays - 35 Turkish Liras.

Hours: Open every day 8:00 - 21:30

6. Yoruk Ali beach

Yoruk Ali beach is a nice family getaway place.  Enjoy the sandy beach, cool water and good service here.  Get a boat or a catamaran to wonder off in the Sea of Marmara.Rent a bungalow-type room if the deck is overcrowded.  The rooms have a balcony, TV, minibar and hot water.  Hop on a bike and wonder around this beautiful territory.

Location: Buyukada, Istanbul.  Take a free boat on the right of the ferry terminal.   

Price: Weekend - 30 Turkish Liras.  Weekdays - 35 Turkish Liras.

Hours: Open every day 8:00 - 20:00

7. Eskibag beach and Halik beach

Two next door beaches are the longest in the “Big Island”.  Romance is all over these Istanbul beaches.  Sandy beach and good fish guarantee a perfect time out.

Celebrate your special occasion here.  Enjoy the live music and chef’s specials in the evenings.

Location: Buyukada, Istanbul.  Take a free boat from the ferry terminal.   

Price: Weekend - 30 Turkish Liras.  Weekdays - 35 Turkish Liras.

Hours: Open every day 9:00 - 19:00

Tarzz Beach Club - new gem

Tarzz Beach Club opened its shores to public in 2018 with 1000 sq. m. of sand equipped with beach umbrellas and reclining chairs (chaise longue). Beach's capacity is up to 150 people. This new Tarzz Beach Club is a cozy getaway on the Princes' Islands. You can get here by bike, phaeton or a boat. Premises have a bar with a wide variety of alcoholic/non alcoholic hot and cold beverages and cocktails. Food includes burger and french fries, sandwiches and seasonal salads. Enjoy live DJs, parties and concerts in the evening time.  

Location: Buyukada island. Look for club's boat with "Tarzz Beach" on it near the pier if you wish to take a boat. The beach is also bike and phaeton (horse carriage) accessable.

Price: 70 Turkish Liras per person

Hours: 10:00 - 23:00

tel. +90 532 506 65 55 

Unrated Istanbul beaches

Istanbul beaches

Aya Nikola public beach on Buyukada

Aya Nikola beach is a historical place on the “Big Island”.  This is one of a few Istanbul beaches open to public free of charge.  This beach is very popular among locals.  Sandy shore, no deck, a great view is what locals love about it.

Location: Buyukada, Istanbul.  Take a free boat from the ferry terminal. 

Price: free

Hours: Open every day 9:00 - 18:00

Poyrazkoy beach in Beykoz (Asian side)

Poyrazkoy is a picturesque village on a hill on the Asian side of Istanbul.  The sandy beach here is small but enough to cool you off in the Black Sea waters.

Location: Beykoz, Istanbul.  The best way to get to Poyrazkoy is by car.  Or take a ferry from Sariyer terminal.   

Price: 8 Turkish Liras

Hours: Open every day 9:00 - 18:00

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