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Istanbul Travel Blog

The Istanbul Travel Blog is an insider's information about making it as a tourist in Istanbul, the largest city in Turkey.

Get to know: - which attractions to see, - where to party and sleep, - what and where to eat, - what current events take place in the city of 7 hills.

Istanbul Tour Guide - Arabic, Hebrew, Spanish | istanbul7hills

Istanbul tour guide with individually tailored routes in Istanbul. Guides speak Arabic, Hebrew, Spanish, Russian and English.

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9 Reasons To Visit Istanbul | Istanbul7hills

Visit Istanbul if you are looking for a vacation spot, love history and big cities, or just traveling through this great transcontinental city.

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Istanbul shopping: 5 must-visit malls | Istanbul7hills

Istanbul shopping possibilities attract millions. Brand names and luxurious shopping malls in the heart of Europe and Asia is a temptation hard to supress.

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Istanbul Otogar (Main Bus Terminal). Info. Tickets.| Istanbul7hills

Istanbul otogar is the main bus terminal with international and local destinations.

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IsFanbul (aka VIALAND) Theme Park In Istanbul. Hotel.| Istanbul7hills

Best Theme Park in Turkey with a hotel on premises. Isfanbul thrills visitors of all ages. Get tips and secret findings about this happiest place.

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Top 7 Istanbul Beaches. Map. | Istanbul7hills

7 top Istanbul beaches on shores of Black Sea and Sea of Marmara get the most visitors. Babylon Kilyos, Burc beach, Solar beach and more. Click for more details on tips and location.

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Panorama 1453 Istanbul Museum | Istanbul7hills

Panorama Istanbul is 360 illustration of Constantinople's conquest in 1453 by Ottoman Sultan Mehmed II. Museum is in Istanbul's Zeytinburnu district with easy metro access. No need to reserve tickets online.

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16 Istanbul Synagogues. Appointment Info | Istanbul7hills

Istanbul Synagogue count to 16. Neve Shalom, Ashkenazi, Italian and several other synagogues require prior appointments for tourist visits. Turkey among Muslim countries has the largest Jewish community.

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Turkish Tea Pot Tips. 6-Step Tea Recipe. | Istanbul7hills

Turkish tea pot is where aroma of Turkish tea begins. Strongly brewed tea on top, drinking water on the bottom. Learn the secret of two pots, tulip shaped tea glasses and magic of Turkish tea.

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Traditional Food In Istanbul. Average Prices. | Istanbul7hills

Food in Istanbul is a wide selection of meaty kebaps, vegetarian spinach dishes and sweet baklava. Live on tasty street food to save time.

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New Year In Istanbul What To Expect| Istanbul7hills

Yes, New Year In Istanbul is celebrated. You can even go to the mountains for festive all inclusive winter resorts just outside of the city. Launch your 2018 with a Turkish zest.

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Istanbul Travel Guide - Insights From Insiders | Istanbul7hills

Insiders' view on Istanbul travel. Trust the 50+ self-tested best places to stay. Follow 1000+ tips on what and where to eat. Jot down which attractions to see and things to do.

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Appetizing Turkish Ice Cream. Tradition Of 167 Years.| Istanbul7hills

Catch Turkish Ice Cream as the vendor plays a trick on you. This hard to melt sweet has two additional ingredients other ice creams don't.

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Airline Review: Turkish Airlines | Istanbul7ills

Turkish Airlines is largest and most controversial airlines based in Turkey. Passenger satisfaction varies from 5 to 1 stars.

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Mythical Kiz Kulesi. 2 Legends. 7 Tips. | Istanbul7hills

Kiz Kulesi is a tower in Bosphorus Strait in Istanbul, Turkey. Full of legends, great sea breeze and eatery.

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30+ Istanbul Tourist Attractions. Map. Museum Pass Info | Istanbul7hills

Istanbul tourist attractions include magnificent mosques, ancient monuments, archaeological wonders. Buy museum pass to save on attraction fees.

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Learn Turkish Easily | Istanbul7hills

Learn Turkish easily with proven to work books and start off with a simple list of Turkish words and expressions useful for tourists.

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10+ Amazing Istanbul Bazaar Options | Istanbul7hills

Istanbul bazaar is shopping spree guaranteed. Start from historical Grand Bazaar and go on to modern malls and cute boutique shops. Even the pickiest can find a shelf to his/her taste.

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Pegasus Airlines

pegasus airlines

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Istanbul Weather Tips For Travelers | Istanbul7hills

Istanbul weather is friendly for travelers all year round. Read these tips, dress accordingly and have a great time in Istanbul, Turkey.

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Turkish Visa Requirements For Tourists | Istanbul7hills

Turkish visa can be obtained at a Turkih airport or you may not need visa for a short stay depending on which country's passport you are a holder of.

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Turkey Tour. 10+ Impressive Getaways From Istanbul. | Istanbul7hills

Take a multi-day Turkey tour from Istanbul to Cappadocia, Ephesus, Pamukkale, Black Sea coast, Greece and more! Easy booking. Choose from budget or high-end, private or small-group trips.

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Ottoman Topkapi Palace In Istanbul. | Istanbul7hills

About Topkapi Palace - Istanbul's gem of intriguing lives of sultans, their wives, concubines and the court.

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Imperial Suleymaniye Mosque. Safety Tips. | Istanbul7hills

Suleymaniye Mosque in Istanbul is the largest Ottoman mosque in the city. Located on the third hill of Istanbul it has a great view of the Golden Horn.

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